Instructor-Led Training

UTHealth_HumanTraffickingTraining portfolio 2.pdf

Human Trafficking Recognition and Response For Texas Healthcare Practitioners

Overview: This training was designed for UT Health San Antonio as part of a mandatory Human Trafficking training for Texas Healthcare workers. This training will undergo an approval process by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC). The completion of an approved training course is a condition for license renewal and/or registration for many healthcare professionals in Texas. This course is based on the HHSC Human Trafficking Training Standards that are adapted from a comprehensive and evidence-based training assessment tool. Each course must meet the training standards and comply with all federal accessibility standards. This presentation is one of four training modules that are included in the complete course.

Process: I designed and developed this training by:

  1. Consulting the HHSC Human Trafficking Training Standards and organizing them into 7 main topics. Within those topics I categorized the 34 required key components for the training and established an overal scope and sequence in an outline format.

  2. Gathering content from exisiting approved courses, evidence-based resources and interviewing Subject Matter Experts. I then used this content for writing an engaging script, activities and scenarios.

  3. Building out a prototype in Powerpoint based on the outline, script and UT Health branding guides and color scheme.

  4. Requesting feedback from collegues and project manager and using the feedback to improve the presentation.

Tools: Powerpoint,, Canva

*Please note that this will be presented in AhaSlides for increased interaction and engagement. The questions you see in this presentation will be imported into AhaSlides and the participants would be able to respond using a second device. The question slides in this version are only included as an example for the types of questions that will be asked.

Facilitator Guide and Participant Guide are Coming Soon!